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Islamic Studies Online is an online educational platform offering courses on Islam and Islamic Studies. We employ the best teachers from all around the world to offer you the highest quality tuition from the comfort of your own home.
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Islamic Studies courses with subject-specialist experts at an affordable price.
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We offer advanced courses for students wishing to accelerate their progression in Islamic Studies. All our courses are designed and delivered by subject-specialist scholars with years of experience and training to ensure that you get the best guided tuition on a wide range of subjects.


Our scholars offer 1-to-1 personalized coaching and tuition tailored to your needs and goals. We can design a program and curriculum on any specialized topic in consultation with you. 


We offer a range of payment options making it possible for every student – whatever their circumstances – to learn and acquire Islamic knowledge.
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Quality education, made simple

We offer a range of online courses on Islam and Islamic Studies for learners of all abilities at an affordable price using the latest online technology. Our aim is simple: we want to connect serious learners wishing to advance their knowledge of Islamic topics and subjects with the leading academics and scholars – all without having to enroll on expensive university programmes with extortionate tuition fees. Instead, we provide expert led courses with acclaimed and accredited tutors who are leading specialists in their fields, ensuring that you get the best education possible in a way that matches your needs and expectations. Our courses are flexible, practical and easy to access.
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Benefits of studying with Islamic Studies Online

Learn about the benefits of Islamic Studies Online and the incredible hard work that goes into planning and preparing our courses. 

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Apply to teach

If you are an academic scholar in Islamic Studies and wish to offer high-quality courses on Islamic Studies Online, we would like to hear from you!

Latest Courses

Ultimate Online Education

Some of the key benefits...


Our instructors provide you with all the key texts and visual material that you need for your course. This includes PDFs of all the main course texts, and may include additional reading material and presentation slides.  


Watch and learn in ultra high definition. Our advanced video player is packed with useful features to enhance your learning experience. Stop watching on one device and resume on another at any time. Add your own notes to each video whilst learning. Add bookmarks to remember key points and important information.

Text material

Most of our courses include regular assessments and formative feedback. Advanced course lectures are unlocked once you have mastered previous learning. Assessments are carefully designed by subject-specialists to ensure that you get the most out of each course. 


We issue certificates for our all courses using the Islamic Studies Online brand. Every course has regular assessments and an exam at the end of the course. These are designed to ensure that you are continuously learning and benefiting from our courses. 

Set and achieve goals

We cater for your individual needs and requirements. With a coaching subscription, you can take advantage of 1-to-1 coaching and training. If you have a specific text that you are working but finding it hard to understand, our coaches and instructors can provide a tailored learning programme for you. 

Flexible payment options

We offer a range of flexible payment options to cater for everyone's financial circumstances. Pay for lifetime access in installments or in one go. Alternatively, activate a subscription to gain access to any of courses. See our payment plans for more information. 
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